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Plamen Motev

Plamen Motev

Plamen Motev is a young and promising type designer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Plamen completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design at the Technical University of Sofia whilst working in the field of graphic design. He discovered an enthusiasm for clean typography, minimalistic geometric compositions and well-crafted typefaces when he saw the work of designers like Armin Hofmann and Josef Müller-Brockmann for the first time. Shortly after that, he began to appreciate more and more the people who make the beautiful typefaces behind every design he admired — designers like Adrian Frutiger, Paul Renner and Hermann Zapf.

“Working as a type designer was something that I have always dreamed about,” he says, “and finding my place in a type foundry like Fontfabric was a huge step forward in my journey as a designer and type lover. Now I do my best to make top-quality typefaces. I teach at workshops and am constantly having fun.”

Svetoslav Simov, Plamen Motev, Mirela Belova, Nikolay Petroussenko, Stan Partalev and Ventsislav Dzhokov
Fontfabric 2012
36 styles from $25
Plamen Motev, Nikolay Petroussenko and Kaja Slojewska
Fontfabric 2020
14 styles from $29
Svetoslav Simov and Plamen Motev
Fontfabric 2017
14 styles from $0
Plamen Motev, Stan Partalev and Ventsislav Djokov
Fontfabric 2019
72 styles from $0
Ivan Petrov and Plamen Motev
Fontfabric 2018
20 styles from $0
Svetoslav Simov and Plamen Motev
Fontfabric 2017
37 styles from $27